How to manage the dangers of a flat tire

Driving on the highway at high speeds can bring many dangers, and having a tire blow can happen to anyone. What is the best way to stay safe when a tire pops? Here are a few tips.

It is easy to lose control when a tire blows on the highway. Your first instinct is to slam on the brakes, but that could cause you to lose control of your vehicle. The best thing to do is try to relax, and gradually slow down, using your turn signal as you move to the shoulder as smooth and steadily as possible.

Find a safe spot and call for help if you need to. If you are changing the tire yourself, stay as far away from the road as possible. Use your hazard lights to alert oncoming traffic.

The best way to avoid a dangerous situation is to keep your tires in top shape. Our service department at Shimkat Motor Company will inspect your tires for wear. We can rotate them, balance them and give your wheels an alignment. We can also replace them if needed. Call us today and make an appointment.

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