Total Cost of Ownership Is Likely Higher Than You Think

Owning a vehicle is a part of most people's version of the American dream. Without a vehicle, transporting yourself from the grocery store and back would likely take hours, you might have to settle for a low-paying job opportunity nearest your place of living, and quality of life would unarguably be lower than if you owned a vehicle.

Despite how important vehicle ownership is, stay away from unnecessarily spending money on costly choices. The larger a vehicle is, the more gas and oil it guzzles. If you're not required to use a large vehicle for hauling heavy equipment, cut your costs with a smaller car. Financing, registration, and other government-applied fees also hike up the cost of vehicles. However, buying a cheap car with cash cuts down on the former two, while the latter-most doesn't lend itself to size or dollar value.

Let us help cut your total cost of ownership - swing by the showroom at Shimkat Motor Company for a quality vehicle at a low total cost of ownership!

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