Do you Drive Smart?

In order to be a safe driver, you need to be attentive and always scanning the road for pedestrians, bicyclists, children, or pets. Check your mirrors every 6 to 8 seconds since things change very quickly on the road. Obey the road signs and posted speed limits. Never follow other cars too closely and always use you turn signals. You should also take a few minutes to do a pre-check before you even get into your car. If you notice anything that seems off about your vehicle, make an appointment with us at Shimkat Motor Company in Fort Dodge, IA. Also, check for leaks, top up your fluids, and check your tire pressure. Also, make sure that you have enough gas. When you get to a stop sign, be sure to come to a complete stop and spell out the word S-T-O-P before proceeding (if it's safe to do so). You should also never drive under the influence; ever. There is a lot at risk if you do that and you endanger everyone on the road, including yourself. Be a smart driver and follow some of these safety guidelines.

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