A Basic Roadside Emergency Kit

Let's face it, things happen. Maybe you're driving an older car and it finally gives up or your brand new car blows a tire, either way, you're stuck on the side of the road. Here are few things that could make your unintended break a little easier.

It's a good idea to think of your emergency kit in two parts: driver and vehicle. The first part of your emergency kit should be items that would help you in an emergency: food, water, change of clothes, maybe some blankets if you live in a cold climate. Basically, anything to help you stay calm and comfortable. For your car, think about common problems that you could fix on the side of the road: spare tire and jack, spare hoses and belts, and a basic tool kit with sockets, a ratchet, wrenches, and assorted screwdrivers. Your goal here isn't to rebuild your car, just to help you get it somewhere to fix it.

Always keep your safety and comfort in mind. Driving can be dangerous, keeping an emergency kit with you at all times can help keep you safe.
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