RamBox is Like a Filing Cabinet for Your Ram Truck

It's a busy world full of people constantly on the go. That's why more and more drivers are seeking for vehicles that accommodate their lifestyles better. Well, the engineers at Ram have heard the general consensus, which is why you'll find the new Ram selection is more functional thanks to additions like the RamBox® Cargo Management System which acts just like a filing cabinet for your truck.

The RamBox® Cargo Management System allows you to store documents, tools, emergency supplies and other items with ease. Thankfully, this storage compartment is also lockable, so you won't have to worry about any kind of burglary. If you're going on a picnic with the family and friends, you can even use it as a cooler. Fill it with ice to keep drinks and snacks chilled, and when you're done, simply drain it for easy clean up!

You can be more organized with the RamBox® Cargo Management System too. While your cargo bed offers great space—it's over 4-feet wide, in fact—with the bed dividers, you can systematize your space a little better. With separate Ram cargo compartments and tie-downs, you can make sure your cargo remains intact when you reach your destination.

Want to see how useful the new RamBox® Cargo Management System really is? Then stop by Shimkat Motor Company so we can demonstrate for you!

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